GeoRoc is a Mechanically Stabilised Earth wall system that is designed at a panel height of 300mm high to ensure maximum efficiency within the construction process. GeoRoc’s dimensions also allow for a more lightweight, health and safety compliant system.

GeoRoc is a precast concrete alternative to traditional walling systems in both rural and urban environments and can be offered in both sandstone and charcoal.

GeoRoc is a mechanically stabilised earth wall structure. It is a closed faced system with a face batter of 100mm/1m vertical.

The 665mm x 300mm high C50 concrete panel creates a strong, robust unit catering for required surcharge loading it is typically designed for a surcharge load of 10kPa.This can be reviewed and increased with site-specific design works which are undertaken by Retaining UK.

These benefits allow GeoRoc to offer a suitable aesthetically pleasing solution in urban environments. 300mm high panels ensure optimal spacing for GeoGrid requirements of maximum distance 600mm.

Technical Data

Material: C50 Concrete
Concrete Strength: C40/150 120 year design life
Block Sizes:
Full: 665 x 300mm
Half: 300 x 330mm
Corner: 300 x 665 x 330mm (return)

Designed according to BS EN 1992-1-1 & BS EN 1997.

Designed for 10kPa surcharge loading (higher loads can be accommodated on request)

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Method of Work

Stage 1

  1. Construction should commence at the lowest design level to permit the wall to be bonded correctly.
  2. Set out the line of wall and associated foundation
  3. Excavate to the underside of the formation removing any site vegetation and soft spots ensuring that the exposed ground meets the minimum load-bearing requirements as stipulated in the design
  4. Place and compact sub-base to provide the foundation to the designed dimensions and level

Benefits of Georoc

  • Quick installation – up to 25 m2 per day
  • Fully designed and warranted system with 60-year design life
  • Suitable for construction adjacent to highways.
  • Suitable for construction adjacent to watercourses.
  • Limits face climbing.
  • Can be stepped to introduce planting.
  • All products manufactured in-house
  • Materials in stock for quick response time order to site
  • Available in 3 colours – Oakwood, Slate Grey and Yorkstone


Retaining UK provide a full support service for all GeoRoc Installations from design to completion.

  • Design
  • Installation Walkthrough
  • Manufacturer Warranty


Q. GeoRoc retaining walls be incorporated into landscaping features?

A. Yes! Retaining UK will find creative and exciting ways to include your retaining walls into your home or business landscape designs. Multiple retaining walls can form a garden terrace in your yard or form the backdrop to a pool or patio area.

Q. How high can a GeoRoc retaining wall be?

A. Several factors will determine how high your retaining wall will be. Some walls may only need to be 1/2m high while others on commercial land might exceed 15m . It will depend on your property and how much protection you need the wall to provide. Our experts will determine the right size for your retaining walls.

Q. Are there different colours I can select?

A. GeoRoc is available in three different colours (Yorkstone, Slate Grey, and Oakwood) and two different textures (Smooth and textured).

Q. Can I incorporate steps into the wall for access?

A. Yes, Retaining UK has a special step unit, which provides for steps with a riser height of 150mm and goes unto a height of 250mm which complies with outside stair specifications.

Q. How long will my retaining wall last?

A. GeoRoc walls are designed for a lifespan in excess of 60 years in accordance with NHBC requirements and are fully warranted by Retaining UK.

Q. How long after ordering can I expect my wall onsite?

A. Our wall designers expect to produce a detailed design for each wall within a 2-3 week period from order. Once approved lead times vary from 2-6 weeks depending on workload.

Q. What surcharge load can I impose above the wall?

A. GeoRoc can be designed to accommodate surcharge loads from 2.5 KPA to 25 KPA.

Q. What are the typical uses/ applications of GeoRoc?

A. GeoRoc is used; where the retained height is over 1000mm it requires access for large plant and machinery during construction and therefore is normally used in areas of easy access such as boundary walls at the rear of gardens and on site boundaries.

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