Largest GeoRoc wall to date

The construction of the largest GeoRoc wall structure to date, for GMI’s latest project in Bowburn Durham.


  • Bowburn, Durham

The Challenge

To construct the largest GeoRoc wall structure to date for GMI Constructions‘ latest project in Bowburn Durham.

Following on from the success of the earlier phase DC3, ZTL and Retaining UK were appointed to the next phase DC5, this unique phase of the project called for an ambitious retaining wall 108m long with curvature of up to 12m in radius and at its pinnacle reaching a height of up to 7.5m

Our Solution

Working in tandem with ZTL as part of the wider DC5 project , the retaining structure was built in tandem with ZTL, with Retaining UK completing the wall facing and ZTL filling behind the wall.

For this project, the GeoRoc wall utilised site won materials for the backfill significantly reducing the cost of removing unsuitable material from site. For the first time, stronger GeoGrid was used at the base of the wall to counteract internal forces from such a high wall. A concrete foundation was also utilised used to ensure the integrity of the wall toe.

Scope of Works

Retaining UK and ZTL were appointed to complete the following packages of work:

  • Excavation of embankments
  • Creation of foundations
  • Construction of retaining walls, including all associated fittings and equipment
  • Backfilling with granular filling
  • Installation of drainage
  • Construction of forming pockets for handrails
  • Forming and grading of the embankment above retaining walls

The Results

Now in the final stages of the project the GeoRoc wall is an impressive sight, with the wall fully constructed. All that remains is the final landscaping of the earth behind the wall before scaffolding can be removed and fencing above the structure is erected.

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